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      CZ Official Frequently Asked Questions 
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      Herein I'm going to answer some questions which asked by some users and members so I recommend you to read the full F.A.Q to get the answers...Lets get Started...

      General Questions:
      Q: Do I need to have Thanks to Give Thanks?
      A: No

      Q: Will my own reputations reduce if I give Thanks?
      A: No
      Q: Why can't I access V.I.P Premium Accounts?
      A: Because you're not V.I.P
      Q: Why Can't I make comments on Trashed or Dead accounts?
      A: LoL, Why do you want to make comments there? they are already dead
      Q: Why Can't I access V.I.P Programs & warez But I am VIP?
      A: Because For V.I.P warez We have Separate Subscription

      Q: What is Leeching/Copying?
      A: Leeching is taking an config, accounts, tools, programs, source code, software and claiming it as your own work (Without giving the real owner a single Credit is called Leeching) (we advice you to post here what ever you crack but not to leech)

      Getting & Giving Thanks:
      Q: How Do I Get Thanks?
      A: Post Threads in Premium Accounts Or Warez Section and Use HTNX BB-Code to Get Thanks
      Q: What if I dont Use HTNX ?
      A: You wont get Thanks then.
      Q: Will anyone Thank me If I dont use HTNX?
      A: Well, They shouldn't Thank you if you dont use HTNX because they are already getting the Hidden content without giving Thanks
      Q: Can I redeem my Thanks Amount to V.I.P Subscription?
      A: Yes But only if you're Elite Or In Higher Rank

      Becoming Free V.I.P:
      Q: Can I become Free V.I.P ?
      A: Yes
      Q: What do I have to do to Become Free V.I.P?
      A: You have to collect Thanks and Redeem For V.I.P (Read More Here)(Only for Elite or Higher Rank Users)

      Q: Do you guys give V.I.P(s) Cracked Software,Games ?
      A: Yes We do offer them to V.I.P but it's need separate Subscription
      Q: Is there is any Virus content inside the Software,Games,Movies?
      A: We have our own security Server which Scans all Post before it Submitted
      Q: Are those Warez stuffs are leeched?
      A: No They are not leeched we provide full details of the File Source
      Q: Software, Games, Movies are Pirated?
      A: Some of them

      Users Registration:
      Q: Do we allowed to register multiple Accounts?
      A: No
      Q: My account is banned now can I create Another account?
      A: No

      Virus Alert:
      Q: I am getting Virus alert before entering CZ forum!!
      A: It's because your PC/Computer contain Virus so we recommend you to use Antivirus
      Q: Do CZ Contain Virus?
      A: Till now there's no Virus and in Future there will be no Virus, As we Mentioned already We have our own Security Server which Scans all Posts before Submitted

      Login Problem:
      Q: I am unable to Login!!
      A: Delete Your Browser Cookies
      Q: I forget my Password , What to do?
      A: Send a message to Admin (Here) and You'll get A New Generated Password to your Email


      Q: How to use Spoiler bbcode?
      A: [.spoiler]your text/content[/spoiler](Without the ".")
      Q: Can I Use Mod bbcode?
      A: Only if you're a Mod or in Higher rank in forum
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      Quote Originally Posted by SirDarknight(Tonmoy) View Post
      Post updated
      Underline Text Doesn't Look good..Let it just be
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